The Magic Cube

Graduation project:

This is the original story of a psychological game book called “The magic cube” which origins are in Balkan area since 100s of years. I created an interpretation of the genesis of the magic cube which is based on the Autors story.


Everything is analog and hand made as you can see in the “making of” down below. The music is composed and recorded in the tiny kitchen of my talented friends.

Making of VIDEO

Process of how the project was visualized from the beginning till the end. Everything in the video is handmade, analog. Worked with projectors, daily objects such as paper, scissors and matches, glitter and gold foils, wooden horse, flowers, nature, light, silk….

The music is created by friends (credits in the video), recorded spontaneously at night in the kitchen while watching the film over and over again. 

Thanks for Watching!

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